Practicing with broken strings

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    agkengor on #217308

    Hi everyone,

    I have a broken 4th octave E on my pedal harp, and I can’t get a replacement for a few days. The repertoire I’m currently working on has a lot of this note in it, so practicing my pieces the right way is nearly impossible (especially Faure’s Une Chatelaine!). I am also afraid that I might build bad habits of playing the wrong notes because of the lack of this string. What are your tips for practicing without necessary strings? I really appreciate it!

    Amanda Kengor

    catherine-rogers on #217309

    You can use a 4th octave D. They’re close enough to the same gauge and it’s long enough. Just order another but in the meantime you’ll be fine.

    agkengor on #217344

    Thanks for the idea! Just curious–have you done that before? I’ve never thought about it.

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