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    S Hawkins on #155801

    hello, i am having a very hard time practicing my harp. i been playing for about seven to eight years and its still so hard for me to sit and play. i love playing harp and im very skilled and talented. its something i never want to give up. i had many set backs and obsticles in my life but i dont want that to be my excuse for not advancing. i was raised in the city surrounded by poverty and i picked up harp at a public city school and the harp teacher immediately start giving me free lessons because she saw something in me. now, im a senior in college and i work on advanced pieces. in the past, i never had to work too hard to learn a piece because i have a great memory and im very talented with music. but now that i’m about to graduate and go on to bigger and better things, i need that discipline to move on to the next level. i really need help, i have prayed and cried many times because the music is in my hands and heart but i cant get to my harp to play it. please, help me!!! please and thank you

    Elizabeth L on #155802

    I think most of us look at all the forums, so you can

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #155803

    You may be feeling the pressure of personal needs vs. the needs of talent. Finding a balance of the two is very difficult. You may need to look for another marketable skill that you can use to support yourself while you develop as a harpist, such as nursing, though preferably something that would not take so long to learn. You may also have the alternative of graduate school, getting scholarships to continue, going on to a doctoral program. Loving the harp is one thing, being a highly skilled professional is another. Getting into a profession where you can buy a harp and spend time with it is an option. Another possibility is that you have not been taught enough practice skills. I think the one factor that helped me the most in becoming the harpist that I am is that it turned out that the work of it, the daily grind of practicing was totally suited to me, that it never ceased to be interesting, that the process is as great as the result. If you just like playing and enjoying the music, that is not professionalism of that kind. Then it should be your passion, your avocation.

    rod-c on #155804


    I am an amateur harpist (started as an adult).

    randal on #155805

    With a question like this, there are oh so many factors to consider

    I didn’t take my degrees in music, nor make a professional career of it.

    HBrock25 on #155806

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