Posting your rate on your website?

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    daniellethetexasharpist on #145899

    I am currently updating and enhancing my website and wondered if some of you could give me advice on posting my rates.
    I’ve been browsing some harp websites and some people list specific or estimated rates while others ask prospective clients to contact them with event details for an estimate.
    What has been most useful for you all and what would be your reason for posting or not posting?
    My concern is locking myself into a certain rate since every gig is different…


    onita-sanders on #145900

    I have no problem with posting my rate. I usually tell a client, everyone rate for a wedding ceremony is $____. But the range in my area is between$____ and $____.

    Elizabeth L on #145901

    If you aren’t comfortable posting and it might cause problems, don’t post the rates.

    robin roys on #145902

    I post my general rates (can always adjust if they take the time to call)
    because I want to weed out the “I thought a harpist would be around $50” brides, who wouldn’t hire me anyway.

    For many years, I’ve kindly explained how my fee reflected the many years of training, expense of an instrument and transport vehicle, etc. but over the years it just seems like such a waste of my time, because those brides didn’t hire me and were either rude or attempted to get me to reduce my rate to $50.

    For the most part, people that contact me now, have a general idea of my fee, so that is a time saver for me and if I really want the job, I can say I’m running a 10% discount through the end of the month.

    Best wishes. Robin Roys

    daniellethetexasharpist on #145903

    Thank you all for your advice!

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