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    Sylvia on #198271

    When I post a response, I get a message that Harp Column isn’t working.  Then I hit submit again, and it says it detects a duplicate…showing the response and also the one I wrote looking like it wasn’t posted.  By then, it  has decided to post it.

    Harp Column Staff on #198282

    Hi Syliva:

    I’m not able to replicate that problem. Can you send  us a screen shot of what’s happening so I can take a better look? Which post are you trying to respond to?

    If anyone else is having this problem, please let us know.

    –Kim at Harp Column

    balfour-knight on #198302

    Hi, Kim–I have experienced the very same problem!  Thanks, Sylvia, for reporting it.  I have limited access to a real computer, so I have just been hoping the problem “fixed itself,” ha, ha!  Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

    Best wishes,


    Harp Column Staff on #198305

    If anyone can provide more info it would be helpful. I’m not replicating the problem here, so I can’t quite understand what’s happening. Please send screenshots or error messages! Thanks!

    –Kim at Harp Column

    balfour-knight on #198307

    Kim,  It just happened to me again, and I tried to cut and paste to show you, but I do not know enough about how to work this office computer to be able to get it to work–sorry!  Maybe someone else with more computer expertise can help you solve this difficulty.  Also, I have not been getting notifications of follow-up replies via email, if that helps.  I love the current issue of Harp Column!  Thanks again!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #198312

    Same thing is happening on my computer. It’s a Mac.

    Harp Column Staff on #198351

    Ok, I think we may have fixed this problem. It had to do with the email notification settings, so Balfour, let me know if your emails do not start appearing again.

    Also please let us know if the problem happens again.

    Thanks everyone!

    –Kim at Harp Column

    Harp Column Staff on #198811

    Testing the forum replies. Please ignore.

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