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    susanne globisch on #197573

    Hi Harp Column team,

    I posted something about 3 hours ago (kind of an update to my last post, with a couple of questions in it) – an now it doesn’t seem to be there any more? Was something wrong with it so you deleted it or is it a technical issue? Thanks for reply,

    yours, Susanne Globisch

    Harp Column Staff on #197576

    Hi Susanne:

    Please accept our apologies. We had a technical issue with the website earlier today, and your post must have fallen during this timeframe. Can you post again? We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thanks so much for using the Harp Column forums!

    –Kim at Harp Column

    susanne globisch on #197598

    Hi Kim,

    thanks for the reply, I will post it again! Maybe it fits better into the “Repertoire” thread anyway…

    Yours, Susanne

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