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    Hello! I searched to see if there was already an existing thread like this – but couldn’t find one… I apologize if I’ve duplicated someone else’s efforts…

    Don’t know if this would interest you – but I thought this thread could provide a way to notify others of any (possible) harp events or symphony/orchestra performances that are coming up on tv?

    I know this is a very “international” site – so if you are so kind as to post an event – please try to state the COUNTRY and TIME ZONE along with the channel etc..

    This would really help me (in my hectic life) to catch harp events (or symphonies/orchestras) on tv that I normally would miss!!

    Thanks for all that make postings!

    Kind regards – William


    Thought I’d this thread off – with two possible harp events this week on tv:

    1. The old re-run of the I Love Lucy show with Harpo Marx playing the harp will be shown on TVLAND (according to DishNetwork guide) at 12:30pm (noon-ish!) Eastern Standard time – in case anyone wants to tivo/record it… That’s Oct 28, 2008… Country: USA

    2. Wednesday night (Oct 29, 2008) on PBS – Great Perfomances will present the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra’s Opening Gala (Doug Rioth – principal harpist). I believe the time is 9pm eastern standard time…. Country:USA

    Thanks! Kind regards – William

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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