Por Una Cabeza for Violin , Harp and Cello

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    bill-grant on #156941

    I posted this over on Prof Harpists as well, but figured I would try here too…

    Can anyone let me know where I might find an arrangement of this tango ( Por Una Cabeza) for the Violin, Harp and Cello? It is played by these musicians in the following youtube clip, but I can’t find an arrangement anywhere..



    mary-savard on #156942

    I just went to http://www.sheetmusicpluc.com and found several arrangements.

    lisa-fenwick on #156943

    Bill, If you happen to have found the arrangement would you also

    Stephen Conor on #156944

    Hey same here. Kindly post here if you found a place where such arrangements or sheet music are present. I am taking cello lessons and I kinda need it before our semester ends. Really appreciate it.

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