Pop Music for Harp?

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    rachelmichele on #192911


    I am an adult advanced beginner and have struggled to find many recognizable pop songs for the harp. I know Sylvia Woods has a few arrangements, but I find her style to be very disjointed and not very pretty. Does anyone know where I can find some good pop music arranged for harp? Thanks so much for your help! 🙂

    Loonatik on #192913

    I enjoy quite a few from paul baker.

    Gretchen Cover on #192914

    You may want to check Angi Bemiss arrangements. Hers run the range of classic to theater to pop and would be suitable for your playing level.

    Sylvia Woods has some excellent arrangements. Her Beatles book (fairly advanced), Groovy Songs of the 60’s and 22 Romantic Songs are nicely arranged. As for some of her current arrangements, well, you have to start off with good music to have a good arrangement…So much of the music in the past few years doesn’t have a clear melody line and does not translate well to harp.

    Gretchen Cover on #193011

    Pop Standards for Lever Harp, arr. Jan Jennings.

    Billy Joel for Harp arr. Emily Brecker (each song has 2 arrangements. One is intermedate/advanced for pedal harp/large lever harp tuned to Eb. The other is easier and intended for small lever harps tuned in C).

    John Denver Love Songs, arr. Sylvia Woods.

    Michelle Stone on #193076

    Hi Rachel – I have arrangements of Christina Perri’s A THOUSAND YEARS and Adele’s cover of MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE available on harpcolumnmusic.com. Both arrangements have been selling quite well.
    Pop music is an area that I often think is underserved in Harp Literature, although there are some great ones out there! I also have an arrangement of Leonard Cohen’s HALLELUJAH coming out in May.
    Hope that is helpful. Let me know what you think!

    Michelle Stone on #193078

    It’s me again Rachel – I just realized that you said you are an advanced beginner; MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE would be too difficult for an advanced beginner. Some of my advanced beginners however have worked on A THOUSAND YEARS. I suppose it depends where you are in the spectrum of advanced beginner. You can check out the music first on harpcolumnmusic.com though, which should help.
    It is difficult to find pop arrangements at an advanced beginner level. It is a frequent request from virtually all of my students. I hope to address it in future arrangements. At this point, it looks like HALLELUJAH may be a bit more approachable from an advanced beginner level.

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