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    HBrock25 on #157561

    Im am a beginner at the harp and I am looking to buy one. I play traditional Irish music and am very unsure of what type of harp I would need for this. How many strings would I need? What type of strings? How many octaves and levers would be necessary for playing Irish traditional music?

    This is the harp i was looking to buy:

    Do you think that this harp would be sutiable for my ambitions? Do you think this harp would be good for a beginner? Is there any faults on this Harp?


    mahtab mosavibarab on #157562

    Hi Ciara

    the harp you are planning to buy is a Pakistani harp, It was my first harp and I couldn’t tolerate the sound more than one week and then

    rod-c on #157563


    If possible, you could rent a harp. That’s a good place to start.

    margaret-helminiak on #157564

    I have a Kortier Irish 34-string harp and it has a wonderful sound.

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