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    John Connolly on #72631

    Hello all,

    This is my first post here as I am about to buy a harp and start learning. I am actually an oboist and have wanted to play harp for years.

    I am stuck making a decision and have done a lot of research into which is the best harp I can afford. I am a guy so I want something with large string spacing of the concert grand size.

    My two options that I can afford are the Lyon and Healy Chicago Conert Grand or the Aoyama Amphion. I can’t try either as I live in Australia and they will have to be specifically ordered.

    My problem is that while L&H have a much better reputation, their Chicago series most definitely doesn’t from what I’ve read and been told by harpists I know! Whereas Aoyama are slightly less regarded but still very good and their Amphion is quite an established model.

    I definitely want Concert Grand size spacing so am avoiding L&H 85s and can’t quite afford a Salvi Daphne. Any suggestions? Amphion or Chicago CG???

    Thanks for your advice everybody 🙂

    kay-lister on #72632


    The 85 E Concertino has concert grand size spacing.


    dawn-penland on #72633

    I have briefly played on the Chicago Concertino and the Chicago extended CG.

    patricia-jaeger on #72634

    John, talk to the folks at Harp Centre Australia ( about

    Philippa mcauliffe on #72635

    Have replied off list to you John about Aussie harp purchases and the problems we have being here.

    John Connolly on #72636

    Thank you so much for your help everyone! Anyomore opions are greatly welcomed though.

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