Please help me identify this harp so I can start playing it :)

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    transform1 on #144434

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a harp that was handed down to me and I don’t know what kind of harp it is (the photo of the harp is my profile picture). It has 30 strings and it does not have a pedal. If anyone can help me identify this harp, I would really appreciate it because I would like to start playing it! Thank you in advance.

    Angela Biggs on #144435

    Hi – That’s a Paraguayan harp, or at least a harp based on one. You turn the mechanical pieces on top to tune the strings. The tension is lighter than a lever harp and much lighter than a pedal harp.

    Take a look inside the sound box. There will often be a sticker with a company name and a serial number in there.

    transform1 on #144436

    Thank you so much, Angela!

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