Please celebrate with me today…..

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    Christian Frederick on #110082

    Today I am celebrating my 30-year anniversary as a full-time musician at Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. The opportunity presented to me (in 1978) to move across the country from Southern California to Florida and start a new life has truly been a gift from a higher power. I started off as a full-time pianist at Disney’s Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue in Fort Wilderness, and opportunities evolved from that point.

    Also, in 53 days, I will celebrate the 25-year anniversary of my first harp lesson!

    Today, I just want to share my happiness with my harp friends here…..

    jennifer-buehler on #110083

    Do you just play at the Grand Floridian or do you play other places in the park?

    Han Hsieh on #110084


    Do you remember how many times you have played “A Whole New World”?

    diane-michaels on #110085

    Mazel tov!

    Sherj DeSantis on #110086

    Congratulations Christian,

    rod-c on #110087



    Christian Frederick on #110088

    Thanks all….

    Yesterday passed just like any other day, except they gave me a pin to officially be “Disney Ambassador of the Day.”

    Jennifer…. I would love to say hi. Email me few weeks before. Here’s my normal schedule if there are no changes.

    Grand Floridian Resort (next to the Magic Kingdom on the hotel monorail line)

    Sundays: Lobby Piano 3-9 PM

    Mondays: Lobby Piano 3-9 PM

    Tuesdays: Victoria & Albert’s Harp (reservations required)

    Wednesdays: Victoria & Albert’s Harp (reservations required)

    Thursdays: Lobby Piano 3-9 PM

    The lobby is open to the public and accessible from the monorail.

    Also, I put together a small online photo gallery. I wish I had more photos of the people who have touched my life on this journey.

    kay-lister on #110089


    Good for you!

    mr-s on #110090

    Hi Christian, wish you deeply from my heart

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