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    michelle-winston on #164613

    I am starting to build a playlist for weddings…

    what do people play during prelude and postlude?

    unknown-user on #164614

    I’m the only harpist in town (I play lever harp), and I don’t offer to learn new songs for the brides. I like to use O’Carolan tunes for the prelude and postlude, I think there’s one called Carolan’s Dowry that is very nice. The brides always like it. I also like using “My love is like a red, red rose” during the signing of the registry.

    Audrey Nickel on #164615

    My teacher was recently asked to play the theme song from Disney’s Aladdin! (yuk!)


    unknown-user on #164616

    I often get asked for the Love Theme from the Titanic…it sank, he died, it never seems appropriate to me, but well, people have special connections with music regardless of what you may think so I got the piano sheet music and wrote myself an arrangement. Another one is “I don’t know how to love him”..well,why are you marrying him then! That one always gets giggles and silly comments at the reception (often quite rude!). The most bizarre request, was the person that wanted the “wedding thing” and when I asked them what they meant and to hum it they hummed the….funeral march…

    Well, back to your original topic, I find that medieveal and Renaissance music is lovely for weddings and receptions. There are some nice books out there and there are some good arrangements in the Kim Robertson books. Her Celtic harp solos has some Medieveal and Renaissance tunes in it, as well as celtic ballads and airs.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164617

    I’m doing something similar because I have begun playing funerals and such. I have a memorial service on Sunday booked. They want me to play “no sad music.” Not really sure what that means. What is sad for one, might not be sad for another. I’ll do my best and hope that we are in agreement on what music is sad.


    Cheryl Z. on #164618

    Hi Michelle,

    At my son’s recent wedding a lady sang “You Raise Me Up”.

    Cheryl Z. on #164619

    Hi Michelle,

    I forgot to tell you.

    jennifer-buehler on #164620

    For Prelude and Postlude I offer my brides a choice of three sets of music.

    onita-sanders on #164621

    Rather than invent the wheel again, what I do is go on the various harpists websites and look at their repetoire lists.

    unknown-user on #164622

    Hi all, Jennifer it sounds like you’ve talked to the litergical director at the Catholic Church were you’ll be playing. I think it’s a very good idea for anyone whose playing at a Catholic Mass should do. Even Catholic harpists. There is very specific music that is played during the Mass, depending on what kind of

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