Playing in nursing homes

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    Andelin on #186684

    For those of you who play in nursing homes, what is your favorite book to play from? I’m looking for something suitable for lever harp. I haven’t played in a nursing home very many times (and it was a long time ago), but when I have, I enjoyed it, and I have more opportunity to do so now.

    Sylvia on #186707

    I don’t know about lever or books, but hymns and oldies are good rep for such places.
    If you are not a memorizer, and you can improvise left hand, a fake book would be a good investment.

    patricia-jaeger on #186743

    I echo Sylvia’s good suggestion about using a fake book. Lyon and Healy published Easy Fake Book for Lever Harp, by Louise Trotter. 52 pages, spiral bound. Familiar melodies with helpful suggestions for left hand, chord symbols printed above the treble melody; lyrics at the back of the book. There are categories such as Broadway, Hymns, Wedding, and so on.
    Another choice is The Classical Fake Book of 413 pages published by the Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation. Most selections might have too many accidentals for lever players, but a good many can be adapted quite easily. There are three indexes: One by category such as Hymns or Piano music or Waltzes; one alphabetically by composer; and one alphabetically by title such as Surprise Symphony or Lullaby.Over 600 classical themes and melodies. When you have chosen perhaps 25 selections, it can be helpful to print the title with the key on a sheet of paper; then print the list out again, in large print that you can easily see on your music stand, revised in performing order with either groups like a few Irish, or Patriotic, etc., or by varying the key so you don’t have three or four in the same key right after each other. Then connect them smoothly with a seventh chord arpeggio or with a cadence leading the ear to expect the next piece in a different key. Play your list for someone before you visit a senior facility, so that you have that experience of someone else hearing you before strangers are your audience; you will gain confidence from this “rehearsal”.

    Biagio on #186748

    Another good fake book: “Tunes to Go” by Cynthia Shelhart, 400 favorite tunes with suggested chords, only a few tunes require accidentals. Indexed by genre, cross indexed by title key and name.

    janetskidmore on #191848

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