Playing harp outdoors

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    Nelleke Kerkhoff on #168281


    unknown-user on #168282

    As long as you and your harp are in the shade and the temperature is
    comfortable for you, your harp should be comfortable, too.

    unknown-user on #168283

    If there is a light breeze, I sometimes set my lever harp outside and enjoy hearing the wind play it.

    unknown-user on #168284

    I played outdoors with an orchestra and several harp ensembles, so it is possible! As long as the wheather stays sunny and dry you will enjoy it very much! I should avoid very extreme temperatures (you’d better stay out of the sun and wind). I’d love to play outdoors too, but I live on the 3rd floor of a student house. Quite a pity!

    Best wishes from the Netherlands,


    Muriel Denoix-Eaton on #168285

    Dear Nelleke, I play outside very often for my clients (mostly at weddings).

    unknown-user on #168286

    Hi Nelleke!
    I don’t think you should have some problems by playing outdoors!Try to stay in the shade and if it’s possible not in the time of the day when the temperatures are highest!
    Have a great fun!

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