Playing harp chords on the piano

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    1233444555566666 on #221785

    Hello, I am a student at a highschool that does not have a harp. Fortunately, we have keyboards that can emulate harp sounds. I am currently auditioning for the entirety of Scheherazade and I would have some questions on how to play harp chords. In some sections chords have a full arpeggiation symbol cross staff. Does that mean to play each hand at the same time and roll each hand at the same time, or to start from the bottom hand and roll the chords one note at a time to the top. Thanks

    Biagio on #221796

    Not following here, I’m afraid. If the score calls for an arpeggio it is played in the direction as written, one hand after the other. If it is a glissando (squiggly line) it should be played from bottom to top, absent any indication otherwise, ending on the beat. Hope that helps.


    Sylvia on #221798

    Listen to a recording of Scheherazade, and you will hear how the chords are played.

    wil-weten on #221801

    If the arpeggio-sign goes without a break through next to the notes of the left and the right hand, the arpeggio should be started at the bottom note of the left hand, working al the way up to the right hand.

    If the arpeggio-sign does have a break along the notes of the left hand and the right hand, the left hand and the right hand start at the same time to play the arpeggio.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #223984

    The school should pay for a harpist to come in and play, not use a synthesizer.

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