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    armande-fryatt on #159226

    Hi all

    I’m thinking of playing at weddings for people. Any advice for this kind of work?

    I’ve got an Aoyama 46 pedal harp.

    rod-c on #159227


    Being an amateur harpist, I don’t have any advice, but there has been a boatload of information on this topic posted here over the past years. This site no longer has a search engine, but you can find past threads/discussion with a google search. For example, try a search with:

    Rachel on #159228

    I had a student of mine turn pages for me at several weddings so she could see both indoor and outdoor ceremonies in action. You need to have enough repertoire ready to present at consultations, decide on your fees,

    kreig-kitts on #159229

    Another way is to use “site” on Google to only search on Harp Column.

    The below should do the trick pretty well:

    weddings -“harpists wanted”

    Copy and paste that into your search box, and Google will look for mention of weddings, except where the thread also has the phrase “harpists wanted” (to get rid of all the posts in that forum of people looking for wedding harpists).

    tonie-ogimachi on #159230

    There are some good books on this subject, too.

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