Playing 5-note chords, right or left hand, using the pinky

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    michael-rockowitz on #160951

    Hello to all,
    At the start, let me say that I follow the general rule – if you experience pain while playing, rethink what you’re doing/how you’re playing, before you create longer-lasting physical problems for yourself.


    carl-swanson on #160952

    Michael- Interesting post. Since the pinky is so short you must have to alter your hand position considerably to do this. You might try another approach.

    In Belgium there are still some people who play chromatic harp. I visited with one of them years ago and a student of her’s, a woman at that time in her early 20’s, played two difficult pieces for me. The technique she used baffled me and was very very different from pedal harp technique. Because she was playing on two sets of crossed strings, she had to play above and below the point where the strings crossed. This meant that when she played certain chords, she often used the fingering(from bottom to top) 3 4 2 1. She rolled the chord that way. Have you tried fingering a 5 note chord 4 5 3 2 1? It might work. if it does, it would take you a short time and some made-up exercises to get used to it.

    michael-rockowitz on #160953

    Carl-Interesting suggestion there!

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