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    Cheryl Z.

    I was wondering.


    hi Cheryl, this is a great topic.

    Sid Humphreys

    This is something that has been on my mind as lately I have been updating my will. I’m sure (haven’t asked yet) that lots of people in


    I’m sorry to post twice to this thread, but wanted to mention a couple of experiences that helped me make my decision.


    Often a simple way of ensuring something is in a home where it is valued is to have it go to an owner who paid for it.


    Some years ago, there was a harp donated to a university here by an old lady who died.

    Pat Eisenberger

    I’ve wondered for years what I could do about my harps should I “no longer need them.” I have to children – and thus no grandchildren – to pass them on to. The harp I had Bill Webster build for me is especially dear. The idea of having someone sell the harp on commission and have the proceeds given to my estate seems my best option. I would like to hear of other ideas, tho…


    Another idea is to perhaps ask a local harp repair/retail center, whose ethics you value, if they would sell your harp for you.


    Very good topic Cheryl, and yes, I have wondered about this myself.

    Harp Museum

    You might consider the International Harp Museum, a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit, charitable organization devoted to preserving the harp and its history.

    We have received the gift of several harps which have found a new home in our permanent collection and are always open to future donations. In addition, the IHM also accepts other harp related items such as photos, letter, concert programs, etc. We even have several performance gowns donated by a former member of the Angelaires!

    The IHM provides many opportunities to perpetuate your legacy as a harpist and we already have several programs in place which deal with estate planning as outlined in the Planned Giving section of our website.

    Our mission is “To Honor the Harp and Those Who Play It”

    Please visit our website at to see what exciting things the IHM is doing. Feel free to contact us at


    Wow, such an interesting topic! I agree that often when things come free with no strings attached, hahaha, they are not as appreciated or as well taken care of. This is such a personal matter but I would add one idea. Every year I watch the Grammys and every year they speak about their foundation which places gently used instruments in public schools. On the face of it I like the idea but how the program is run and who the responsible parties are…well that’s the unknown. I would love to see a foundation rise that places these well loved harps in settings like hospitals, retirement communities, or even prisons where music and playing an instrument is part of the therapy. Keep those ideas coming! Someone reading this post will perhaps do something magical…

    Diana L.

    mike baird

    My brief bio states that I am preparing for heaven, and so my interest in the harp, the weapon of angels. This is a sincere topic that makes us question many things.


    The IHM is just the right place for my ram’s-head Erard; but what about an elderly Troubadour I?


    Your post describes exactly what I have found over the years, and that is that harps that are left to schools will, at most, be used for a few years and then are stuck in a closet someplace and forgotten. I’ve bought a number of these instruments, so I’ve seen this situation several times.

    A large part of the problem is that a school is not equipped to maintain a harp, or to have major repairs done when they are needed. So as soon as some major work is needed, that’s the end of the instruments usefulness.

    In the end, I think the best solution is to sell the instrument to someone who wants it. That’s the best way to guarantee that it is wanted and will be taken care of. In some cases, giving it to a serious student, or selling it for what a serious student can pay, is also a good option.


    While these are all legitimate concerns, I will put in my two cents.

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