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    unknown-user on #166446

    Hi everyone. Last May/June i finished learning&nos;Tournier’s Feerie. I took the summer very slow and at the beginning of the school year i found that i was between teachers. About a month ago i started to learn Tournier’s Au Matin by myself and it

    unknown-user on #166447

    It would help to know where you are studying, how long you have been playing, and your age. I have many suggestions, beginning

    unknown-user on #166448

    Also, it is important to begin studying ornamentation, so you choose the right editions or can correct the mistakes so commonly made. Usually, a trill should begin on the beat on the upper note, well through the classical period. Likewise, an appoggiatura begins on the upper note on the beat, though they are often printed as grace notes. Ornaments take their rhythmic value from the following note, regardless of where they are printed on the page. Old French music would print the first note before the beat and the main note on the beat, but following the rhythmic rule, you know to begin the first note of the ornament on the beat, even though it looks otherwise! There are various sourcebooks or music with charts of ornaments.

    unknown-user on #166449

    thanks so much for such a long reply. Im almost 15 years old. I’ve played for almost 7 years now and i live in New England. I studied with Stephanie Curcio for 6 years and i studied with Cynthia Price Glynn for 6 months. I will start lessons with Ina Zdorovetchi in a few weeks.

    unknown-user on #166450

    Well, then, I bet you’ve been given an excellent foundation, as Ms. Curcio was a pupil of my teacher, Miss Lawrence, and several of her students have gone to the Curtis Institute of Music. If you continue to try other teachers, you should give Emily Halpern Lewis a try, too.

    zach-hatcher on #166451

    play Zabels la source it is fantastic sounding and fun to play.

    patricia-jaeger on #166452

    Sam, try Aria in Classic Style by Marcel Grandjany; you will love it and so will any audience. Possibly you might hear it performed on http://www.youtube.com.

    unknown-user on #166453

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the recent input, but I´ve found guidance through competition repertoire. Also, I am currently playing at a level far above the one I described in my 2 year old post.


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166454

    That’s great that you are advancing rapidly. Using contest lists as a guide for repertoire can be a trap. Many times they will ask for pieces you might never normally do on a professional recital. What you play says as much about you as how you play it. At your age, you should begin forgoing the repertoire by harpists and learning to play as much music by serious composers as possible, I think.

    I would recommend Handel’s Theme and Variations, and Concerto, and the Harmonious Blacksmith. Beethoven’s Variations. The Spohr Fantaisie would be excellent. Debussy. The Faure Impromptu. High-quality transcriptions of the masters. Stuff like that.

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