Picking up my new harp!

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    karen on #107742

    I have driven 600+ miles through a few states to land in Utah to pick up my new gorgeous, CUSTOM Pratt Chamber Harp. Exploring Zion and Bryce National Parks on the way. Pick it up tomorrow and can barely wait. It has been a 6 month process with much correspondence to arrive at this point. John Pratt has been as professional, magnanimous and communicative as is humanly possible…truly beyond wonderful! He sent step-by-step pics along the way but haven’t seen the finals yet. I’ll post the pics of this beauty after I pick it up!

    jessica-wolff on #107743

    Congratulations! I once had to wait for more than four years for a custom banjo (a spectacular one).

    shelby-m on #107744


    Leslie Davis on #107745


    deb-l on #107746

    dying for an update!

    karen on #107747

    It is SO gorgeous! I can’t look at it without it taking my breath away and when I play it, I am touched, moved and inspired!

    I could only figure out how to post one picture under Profile Picture and posted one picture of it but would love to post about 6 of them. Is there a way?

    If you want to see more, let me know—they are posted on my Facebook page.

    Thanks for your shared enthusiasm on my behalf!


    jessica-wolff on #107748

    I could have sworn I posted last night–? Maybe on another thread. Anyway, it looks great.

    shelby-m on #107749

    Well, one way would be to upload the pictures on a site like Tinypic and then post a link to them here.

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