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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #108743

    If we all used our pet’s names as pseudonyms on the forums, mine would be something like Masha Freddy.

    What would yours be?

    Fearghal McCartan on #108744

    you just had to bring this up. Why?

    Fearghal McCartan on #108745

    How abouts we change this thread to…

    …Pet names we use for our harps.

    Karen Johns on #108746

    Mine would be Mojo Frodo!

    Sid Humphreys on #108747

    For 15 years my harp never had a name, or a gender. It’s a black and bronze 23. When my concert master asked why I hadn’t named it I explained that while this harp was graceful, it was also tough. At that point, I pointed out that it was like a woman wearing a tuxedo… he promptly named her Laura Croft!

    Minnesota Harpist on #108748

    I don’t have a harp to name yet so I’ll answer the first question!

    Sylvia on #108749

    My cats’ names are Aretha and Chiquita.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #108750

    Aretha Chiquita is a fabulous name!

    lisa-clark on #108751

    My traditional

    Pat Eisenberger on #108752

    My pedal harp is Elrond – the king of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. My Celtic harp is Galen, which in Gaelic means tranquil or calm. My Shelties (a breed of Scottish decent) are Duncan and Gracie.

    Fearghal McCartan on #108753

    My Salvi Arianna concert grand is called Alanna but I still haven’t found a name for my Paddy Cafferkey trad Irish harp – even though I have had (him) for

    Michael H on #108754

    I refuse to change my name to “Socks”.

    Leigh Griffith on #108755

    Sassy and Oedipus are my cats’ names. “Sassy Oedipus” isn’t really the persona I would wish to put forward!


    renate-kvalsvik on #108756

    Pet name pseudonym: Lafayette : / It’s the family dog, and he’s mostly dachshund and some border collie…
    My harps’ names are Roisín (my small Paki harp) and Elysia (Morley Hempson 34, Celtic harp).

    rod-c on #108757

    My dog’s name is Lucy. I just love her.

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