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    Dear Friends —


    Thanks so much! Please post your review on Amazon. You’re a Stan-up guy! And, by the way, it is less than a penny a page, very high-quality paper stock, so I think it is very worth the money. Given what books run today, it is quite reasonable. And if you order two, you get free shipping. Order one for yourself


    My harp friends gave me this for my birthday – LOVE IT!!!



    I gave a copy to my teacher as a holiday present, and of course I thumbed through before I wrapped it.

    The pictures alone are worth the price of admission, but the the whole thing together is worth much more.

    I can’t imagine any harpist I know who wouldn’t find it delightful.

    As Saul says, go buy a couple copies.

    The only single thing I’d love would be if it were available as a library bound edition- I would have purchased one for our local library on the spot.


    Libraries can do their own binding if necessary, at least they used to… a trade paperback such as this is acceptable.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm!

    Elizabeth L

    Thanks for the info.

    Jessica A

    Elizabeth, I agree.


    I might order this soon. I’m almost finished with my current reading and will be getting a new title. This would be an interesting change of pace.


    Will this be made available as an eBook? (Hope that isn’t a stupid question).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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