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    henry-spiller on #212048

    Greetings, I am in search of anecdotes about the relationship of lower-body-wear (trousers, dresses of all sorts) to pedals, pedaling, etc. Do people try to hide their pedaling with long gowns? Do trousers draw attention to pedaling more than skirts? Any mishaps caused by pants or dresses? Thanks, –Henry

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #212120

    Long skirts can be a real hazard if they are not designed to stay away from your feet, but I find them a lot more comfortable and flattering than pants. As long as the skirt is fairly closely fitted down to the knees, then flares out, it is guaranteed to be pedal-friendly. Empire waists and puffy Gone-With-the-Wind styles are dangerous, because they settle all over the floor when you sit down. Slippery fabrics make you feel like you’re sliding off the bench. If you have to play in a gown that won’t stay off your feet, hike it up in the back and sit on it. And yes, I have found this out the hard way. Speaking of mishaps, I once caught my high heel in the hem of my wide pant leg, and nearly wind-milled right off the stage into the audience.

    paul-knoke on #212162

    I no longer have cuffs on the legs of my dress trousers, after a brief but unfortunate incident involving getting a cuff snagged on a G pedal. I prefer playing in leather trousers, as the harp is held much more securely.

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