Pedaling for Madama Butterfly

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    Jennifer Yoneji on #150436

    I could use some advice with regard to the pedaling for the Cio Cio San – Pinkerton duet from Madama Butterfly. I’ll be playing it for the first time and the pedal changes in the Andante Animato and Andante Molto Sostenuto sections are a bit overwhelming. If anyone can give me some help with this, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

    michael-steadman on #150437

    Hi Jennifer, it works really well if you play the chords enharmonically:

    133: all flats with D-natural and A-natural, then:
    A-flat & D-flat
    F-flat & A-natural

    134: all flats with A-natural, then:
    A-flat & D-flat
    F-flat & D-natural
    E-natural, F-natural

    At the Largamente con calore you are in F-Major.

    It’s tricky – I basically had to memorize it.

    I can email you a .pdf scan of my markings if you want – just let me know your email.

    Have fun!


    Jennifer Yoneji on #150438

    Thank you, Michael. I received some assistance from Rosalind Beck and I’m in the process of learning her markings. I, too, have to memorize. It’s coming rather slowly, I’m afraid. When I try to play to tempo, it all falls apart.

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