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    HBrock25 on #148303

    I need help!!!! I have a broken pedal rod, and I tried changing it, but it won’t come out!!! Any suggestions?

    carl-swanson on #148304

    Edith- Do you have my book, A GUIDE FOR HARPISTS? It gives you step by step instructions for changing a rod.

    barbara-low on #148305

    Check out this article written by Mike Lewis (my DH):

    Is it not coming out from the top of the harp? Are you using needle nose vise grips? Highly recommended to grip the rod with enough power to unscrew it from the action coupling.

    Sylvia Clark on #148306

    Call your plumber.

    Edith Aranda on #148307

    I do, I just can’t get the rod to unscrew… I know how to change it though

    Edith Aranda on #148308

    Thanks, I’ve already seen it. I am using needle nose vise grips. I don’t know if the rod is stuck or I’m just not strong enough… but I just can’t unscrew it…

    Edith Aranda on #148309

    lol, I’ll sure try that! Mine is an F too, so that makes it easier, I guess I need a stronger person…

    barbara-low on #148310

    Edith, mkae sure the vise grip isn’t rotating around the rod, and you have the “needle nose” part running as close to parallel to the rod as possible (more teeth on the rod). It can be difficult to unscrew the rod; they can feel like they are locked in place so it’s kind of like breaking a seal. Don’t go gorilla though – you still need to be aware of what is happening with the tool in your hands. If you can’t get it to budge, then having your plumber or a trusted guy friend help you out would be the next best thing – someone familiar with mechanical stuff. Best of luck to you. Reward yourself, and any helpers, with a beverage of choice and chocolates.

    erin-wood on #148311

    I am having this exact problem. I have needle nose vice grips but they just seem to turn around on the rod instead of unscrewing the rod. Did you ever find a solution?

    Sylvia Clark on #148312

    As I posted earlier on this thread, call your plumber.

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