Pedal noise, normal???

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    unknown-user on #111353

    I have a situation! I’m very concerned. My harp is about… 2-3 weeks old. It’s a Salvi Daphne. Thismorning I went to play it and heard a noise.

    I put the pedals down, then put them in natural position. Play a few songs, so on so forth….

    When I went to put my pedals up to flat position, my F pedal made a noise! It sounds like a click at the top of the instruments. (although i can be confused with the soundbox right there)

    I just came home and it’s still doing it. Only when i put it in flat position it makes this click noise, more to the sound of a very light knock, but comes out like a click. Sounds like it’s at the beginning of the neck or top of the soundbox area.

    It’s wierd. I’ve been very gentle with the instrument. I always fold my pedals up when done playing. I haven’t ran into them or banged on them at all.

    Anyone ever have this problem? What should I do?

    Any help would be appreciated, the click is irritating. :-)

    carl-swanson on #111354

    Sound travels really easily on a harp and almost any noise any place on the instrument will sound like it’s coming from the action. So it’s probably coming from the pedestal with the F pedal hitting something. Does the sound happen when you move the pedal sideways(out of the natural slot) or when you move it up and down? You might try laying the harp down on the floor and moving the F pedal with your hand while you look up into the pedestal to see what is hitting. If you can locate the source of the noise I can probably tell you what you have to do to stop it.

    unknown-user on #111355

    Hi Carl,

    The noise with the pedal. If I put the pedal up

    unknown-user on #111356

    Oh and I put the harp on it’s side,(across the bed), and the noise is NOT coming from the pedal box at all… It sounds like it’s coming from the neck mostly, but it could be the column? Who knows……

    catherine-rogers on #111357

    Carl, is it possible the F action could be tapping something because the rod is just a hair too long? I’ve had the same experience (same pedal) with a Camac Clio and solved it by adjusting (shortening) the pedal cable just a tiny fraction. The top link in the action was hitting a piece of metal when released into flat because it was moving just a little bit too far. Or does that make any sense at all?

    barbara-low on #111358

    Christopher, you can either replace the pedal slot felt with a thicker one or shorten the pedal rod a bit by half rotations, but the rule of thumb is anything over a full rotation will affect the regulation.

    Hope this helps.

    karen-conoan on #111359

    Since this is a new harp, unless you live miles and miles away, wouldn’t it be better to let the factory make it right for you?

    unknown-user on #111360

    Well, I called VHC today. Since the harp has rods and not cables, 9 times out of 10 that’s not the problem. They said, this is the season where things change and possibly make noises. It sounds like nothing serious but if it continues the rest of the week… then to bring it in and they will diagnose the problem and fix it better at the location.

    Seems like it’s something in the neck or the discs….. something might’ve moved and is hitting something else. Also, the instrument is only a few weeks old now… very new.

    They said the problem might also fix itself when it adjusts to the season and temperature change.

    Well, we’ll see! :-)

    kreig-kitts on #111361

    I’m going to throw out another “have you tried ….?” based on a mystery click I had recently with my lever harp.

    I had a clicking noise at the top of my harp recently when I’d move one of the levers. A string I had recently changed wasn’t quite lined up on the bridge pin, and when the lever would engaged it would slip out of the groove, making a little clicking noise that sounded more like a mechanical noise than what

    carl-swanson on #111362

    Christopher- That harp is very small isn’t it? I’m wondering if any of the oblong bass discs are hitting against each other when the pedal goes up into flat. You could correct that either shortening the rod very slightly(1 full turn if there is no overmotion) or by making the slot felt thicker.

    unknown-user on #111363

    Hey Carl. The harp isn’t terribly small. It’s a few inches shorter than a semi-grand. The problem wasn’t there before but has now made it’s presence. If the slot felt is any thicker I won’t be able to move the pedal. :-)

    Overall it’s not really a problem. It’s only noticeable if I let the pedal go up by itself…. Which is bad if overdone…

    So I guide my pedals up, even quickly, and I don’t hear it.

    None of the discs hit eachother, I know that much. There are a few factors in all of this though. I have gas heating in my house, and it causes a very dry environment. The other factor is the wierd temperature changes. The room my harp is in is over the garage, so the floor area does stay much much cooler than ceiling area does.

    Since it’s the change of season, I could believe some noises be present, but I think after this week I will take it to VHC. It’s really hard to explain the noise it’s making.

    I’ll leave the rod adjustments up to them. They said if messed with too much it could affect the regulation as well. :-)

    Thanks for all of the tips!!

    barbara-low on #111364

    Christopher, the slot felt is the white piece your pedal rests on while in the flat position. It’s glued to the harp. That’s what we’re suggesting you make thicker, but it sound like VHC will take good care of you.

    unknown-user on #111365

    Hey Barbara

    Thanks for clarifying. :-) Pedal harps are so complicated…….but we’ll see what happens. I’ll check /that/ felt to see whats up with it. Thanks for the advice.

    If all else fails, I’ll take it to VHC. It has a 5 year warranty anyways. :-)

    unknown-user on #111366

    That kind of sound is not the kind you should have to live with, and doesn’t sound like its seasonal, but rather, that something is slightly out of position or not smooth enough. I say it should be professionally looked at, which means possibly opening up that area, if that’s possible.

    I diagnosed a parallel problem on a Salvi harp, where there was a klunking sound in a particular pedal sequence. It was nothing in the bottom of

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