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    HBrock25 on #166133


    I am planning on purchasing a pedal harp, possibly a Salvi or a Venus, and I was wondering what pedal harp brand has the most “full” sound. I dislike tinny harps, and do not want to buy one that sounds fine in the store, but I later discover that the upper octaves are jarring.


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166134

    My first choice is generally Lyon and Healy, but I haven’t heard the Apollo. Salvi’s generally have a much darker tone.

    unknown-user on #166135

    If you already have a notion of what you want your harp to sound like, then you must be prepared to put a lot of time into seeking out the harp that has those qualities – the other part of that equation is the tone that you will produce on a given harp with your own fingers and playing style – I guess you can think of the search as part of the journey –
    have fun –

    william-nichols on #166136


    I recommend a Lyon and Healy from Chicago. I just got one and it is great. It has a beautiful tone and it looks stunning. Its called a chicago concert grand extended. The only down side is it is extremely heavy. But other than that it is great. Good luck!

    HBrock25 on #166137

    I and several of my friends have bought Venus harps, and have been extremely happy with the harps, and the company as well. I would encourage you to visit Lyon and Healy and Venus, (they are both in Chicago) and pick the harp that best fits you.

    harp guy on #166138

    I don’t really feel that it is relevant to say which company has the ‘most full sound.’ All reputable harps make great instruments and all reputable companies make lemons as well. You have to try them in order to decide what you like.

    One of the best harps I have ever heard was a Salvi Diana. That harp was one of the earlier ones produced in that line, and it was simply glorious.

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