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    Madeline Davis on #76531

    Dear harpists,
    I’m a young harpist, with a possibility of buying a pedal harp now. However, I am unsure of which maker would be best. I have an L and H prelude, so there is the option of trading in for a L&H pedal harp. However, there are three different venus harps for sale where I live. What are the most significant differences between the two? prices figure in as well, and I’m looking at under $10000. And would you advise a new harp over a used, or vice-versa? Thank you for you help!

    Sylvia on #76532

    Here is the thread on new-used.

    eliza-morrison on #76533

    If you are fortunate enough to have 3 Venus harps being offered for sale in your area, I would certainly go and try all three. Get a good history on each and get a technician’s opinion if you are not confident in your ability to assess their condition, especially if there are any areas of concern. Play each one as much as possible and go with what feels and sounds best to you. Take another harpist with you if you can, or ask the owner to play something for you so that you can hear each harp from the other side of the room (they can sound surprisingly different when someone else is playing). You can hardly go wrong with a new L&H, but I would try the 3 Venus harps first and see if one of them really grabs you. Good luck!

    kay-lister on #76534

    It’s like buying a car . . . YOU are the one to buy it, play it, look at it and have it worked on when necessary. Definately give any choices a “Test drive” and then make your decision. It’s what ever one speaks to YOU!


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