pedal harp transport by plain..??!!

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    Eva Tebbe on #149997

    Dear collegues,
    Next year I probably will be touring around with a big ensemble consisting of jazz and classical musicians.
    I’m afraid that it will be not easy to find affordable harps to rent all around the world. For example, I once tried to rent a harp in Finland; this appeared to be impossible, and the shipping by plane was MUCH too expensive… so we cancelled this whole idea..

    to avoid this problem, I’m trying to find out if there is a VERY SMALL PEDAL HARP (like Pilgrim Progress) that is not too heavy or too big, so that it can be transported the same way you would transport a big suitcase…

    Has anyone idea’s about this, experiences or whatsoever?? or is this just a very unrealistic idea…

    Thank you VERY MUCH for you comments,

    Eva Tebbe (from Holland)

    jessica-wolff on #149998

    The two smallest pedal harps I’ve seen are (1) the Pilgrim itself, which still weighs 50 lbs, and (2) an enchanting little Erard double-action in a musical instrument museum in Vienna, weight unknown (to me). Visit it if you get to Vienna. Sorry! Oh yes, and a single-action Tyrolean intended for kids, with only five pedals, not suited to your needs. Somebody should put his/her mind to inventing something of the kind you need, because surely there must be a call for it.

    patricia-jaeger on #149999

    Eva, there might be a Model 12 Lyon and Healy harp around somewhere that you would be able to rent or buy.

    Eva Tebbe on #150000

    thank you for your advise! I will look for this Lyon harp!

    By the way, I just watched Deborah Henson playing Pilgrim Progress with Benny Green.

    I emailed her to ask if she can easily transort this harp by plain…

    kind regards


    Eva Tebbe on #150001

    ahum… sorry for my spelling..
    I mean PLANE ofcourse! (not PLAIN… that’s something else…)

    m-l-mcneel on #150002


    I’ve not tried this harp at all, but it looks interesting.

    vince-pierce on #150003

    I got a chance to play David Kortier’s ‘virtual harp’ at the 2008 AHS conference. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that there was no string tension (it felt like playing large rubber bands), and that it is not an acoustic instrument. But the things it can do are pretty awesome.

    Eva Tebbe on #150004

    Thank you!

    I will check this out! altough I think I will not like the non-acoustic sound..
    but it might be interesting!


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