Pedal harp rental in Toronto *or* wedding harpist

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    Loonatik on #194126

    I will be attending a family wedding in June and the bride wished for my harp playing for her entrance.

    Since I will be flying in from Germany I will not have my pedal harp with me and looking for possibilities.

    Does anyone know where in Toronto I could possibly rent a pedal harp for a couple of days?

    Or if any pedal harpist near niagara on the lake who would be willing to rent it out for 24h?

    Alternatively I am thinking of engaging a harpist as a gift and just play one piece. 🙂

    Any interested parties to do this end of June, please shout out and let me know.

    Otherwise I guess the fall back solution is to rent a lever harp which I hope is easier.

    patricia-jaeger on #194135

    Right across the street from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto is a major music store. I have never been to Toronto so do not know this from personal experience but from correspondence over many years with the former harp teacher at that Conservatory.If you can look in the Toronto telephone book you would find the telephone numbers of both the Conservatory and the store. I think since the time before the wedding is so short you could try both of the options you mentioned in your post, as soon as possible because the bride needs to know as soon as you have solved the problem. She needs to know already yesterday (!).Peace to you.

    Angela Schwarzkopf on #194212

    Hi there,

    If you contact the Toronto Harp Society at, we can put out a mass e-mail for you to see if any of our members have a harp they can rent you. You could also try contacting who does harp rentals in the greater Toronto area.

    All the best,

    Angela Schwarzkopf
    President of the Toronto Chapter of the American harp Society

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