Pedal Harp needed in Seattle Oct 2015

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    M Rodgers on #184214

    A boy that I used to babysit when I was in HS has grown up and is getting married. I am still very close to the family and they asked me to come to Seattle to play the wedding. The date is Oct 16, 2015 at a hotel downtown. Does anyone have a pedal harp I could use for the day? Obviously it is still pretty far away but I would like to get an idea what is out there and rental costs. Thanks!

    richard-hagan on #184229

    Hello Meg —

    You might want to see if Enchanted Harps ( will rent a harp for you to use. They are in Puyallup.

    richard-hagan on #184230

    Opps. I had the url wrong — there is no “s”. Try

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