Pedal harp in Eastern America

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    unknown-user on #167541

    I am looking for a concert harp, 47 strings, up to 30.000 $ Who can

    catherine-rogers on #167542

    Contact the Virginia Harp Center at 1-888-378-3761 or

    unknown-user on #167543


    Venus harps can fit you with a lovely two-toned Classic Concert Grand, for $19,350 ($17,850 for the basic model + $1,500 for custom two toned finish).

    unknown-user on #167544

    The Virginia Harp Center has two locations in Richmond, VA and Haddonfield NJ, and the Harp Connection in Salem, Mass. is a fine store. You can also order directly from the Lyon & Healy factory or visit there or any of these places to pick one out. You are prepared to pay enough to get what you need. I recommend the L&H Style 23, or Salzedo. If you search you will find many other makers and dealers as well.

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