Pedal Harp Donation for Caribbean Music

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    harplover789 on #239974

    Hello, everyone! I have a bit of an unusual situation that I would like to share:
    I am a former professional harpist who will be moving to the Caribbean for most of the year to do wedding photography. At the same time, I am unable to let go of my harp and not practice for that long. While I am there, I see enormous opportunities to bring unique music to the islands through performances, teach young children and maybe start a music studio.
    However, there are many challenges of bringing my current harp there. It is a very nice instrument and I am concerned about damages in the Caribbean, considering recent violent weather conditions (hurricanes, now earthquakes and tsunamis). I also need to keep this instrument on the mainland so it is safe and I can practice when I am back home.
    I have tried reaching out to harp centers that rent in places like Florida, but to no avail. Many are unwilling to risk shipping an instrument to the Caribbean, which I completely understand.
    That being said, I am wondering if anyone would be interested in donating a pedal harp or knows someone who is an advocate for the arts and would be willing to help me out. I don’t need anything fancy, I’m just looking for a good instrument that I will be able to use down there for my own practicing and to share music with others.
    I would appreciate any information you may have. Please text me at (917) 983-1252 or pass along this info to anyone who may be of help.

    randal on #240064

    No doubt the harp would be well received. Would it be possible to perform your work on a lever harp? Given the climactic challenges, and the obvious logistical challenges, it would certainly mitigate some.

    Unfortunately, i havent had great success soliciting donations. I facilitate a music class for nonprofit agencies serving veterans and those in need. The program is wildly successful, yet there is great need for materiality. I wish I knew more about mechanisms and networking – it stands to reason there would be great resources from which to derive donations (in the US). Yet, I’ve had little luck in my efforts thus far. At this point I’m beginning to explore seeking grant funding.

    Good luck!

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    harplover789 on #240068

    Thank you for your reply and I really appreciate your advice! Unfortunately a lever harp is insufficient for the type of music I practice… :/

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