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    ellen-beckerman on #60319

    I have recently acquired a pedal harp after many years of Celtic harp playing. Can anyone recommend a book that drills pedal usage? I need some concentrated, focused study. Thanks!

    patricia-jaeger on #60320

    The Pozzoli Intermediate Studies, sold by almost all harp music specialist stores. The first study uses only one pedal throughout, the second one requires the use of two, and so on. You will enjoy the lyricism in these studies composed by an Italian, just as Italian opera is full of wonderful melodic phrases. The ones at the back of the book can easily be used as recital or audition pieces.

    kathryn-y on #60321

    My teacher had me do the pedal exercises in “On Playing the Harp” by Yolanda Kondonassis. The book covers a lot more than that, as well.

    Amber M on #60322

    Check out Marjorie Hartzell’s Pedal Pamphlet (explanations and drills). They have it at

    ellen-beckerman on #60323

    thank you so much, everyone! I will check these out!

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