Paypal for wedding payment?

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    robin roys on #145847

    Has anyone ever used Paypal for wedding payment? If so, can you still get stiffed?

    I require 20% deposit and full payment 10 days prior to wedding but if I accepted a credit card through paypal, would there be more gigs?

    Brides certainly use a credit card for everything else. It would be worth the 3% fee, just to have no bounced checks.

    Could a bride say they were dissatisfied after the wedding and get the credit card company to retract funds?????

    Robin Roys

    mark-andersen on #145848

    I have used Paypal many times for deposits and for accepting final payments. I’ve never had a single problem. Paypal is very fair when it comes to people requesting refunds. they will listen to both sides of the story. I’ve never had a payment pulled through them.

    paul-wren on #145849

    I use it all the time and have to say the number of my gigs has increased because they can pay with their cards.

    Janna B. on #145850

    I would look into using Square if you have a smartphone or tablet. It has a card swiper that can be plugged into your phone or you can type in the number. Square then automatically deposits the money in your bank account. I love it and it is very professional! 🙂

    alishia-joubert on #145851

    I like Square as well. You can take a payment over the phone immediately (for a higher interest rate), so you don’t have to have a smart phone or tablet for it. It makes it easier for clients who don’t have PayPal, and goes directly into your account instead of you needing to transfer from Paypal later on.

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