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    louise-vickerman on #155597

    I own a 1971 Salvi Diana, I love this harp, it has a big warm rich tone & has been compared by a pianist to the harp equivalent of a 9ft. Steinway! At work I play on a 1999 Arianna and it too has a huge sound, it lacks some of the richness & depth of tone of my Diana but has a very clear and direct upper register which is what I was looking for in an orchestral instrument.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #155598

    Hannah, didn’t you ever play Kerstin’s Arianna? I find it rather dark and not a great projecting sound.


    louise-vickerman on #155599

    Just keep in mind each & every harp always has its “own voice”, there are generalities with particular models that I have come to notice over the years but when trying out harps there will be one that will speak to you and respond to your own touch in a special way, keep an open mind and take along an extra pair of ears & fingers – preferably someone whose playing is in a similar style to your own or your teacher so you can get an impression of the sound away from the instrument.

    daniele-di on #155591

    Hello all,

    Does anyone know some composer that can write a piece for you? there are some piece that I really love for piano that I would like to play on my harp, so I would like someone to make a simplified version that I`ll be able to play; of course i`m willing to pay.

    Thank you


    unknown-user on #155592

    Hi – sounds like what you are looking for is an arranger – do you have a harp teacher?

    kreig-kitts on #155600

    Even though this got bumped by a spambot, I’ll chime in. I briefly played an Arianna a couple of years ago because I was in the home of an owner and had always thought it was a beautiful model with all of the inlay. It was wonderful.

    daniele-di on #155593

    Hi John thank you for your reply,
    I do not have a teacher and the music I`m searching is not something that you usually play on harp; it is mostly anime/videogame music.
    I`m playing with a Dusty String FH36S and I`m now living in Cambridge (UK)

    I would like to play pieces like this one but the original has lots of lever changes I cannot afford to make so I would like a simpler one for the harp

    Also this one
    There is a beautiful version of this one played on pedal harp: but she said she used the piano arrangement.
    I found an super easy version for piano but it doesn`t really sound good 🙁

    So I need to find an harp arranger!

    unknown-user on #155594

    Well, I have spent a couple hours with links to the videos you posted – I’m amazed at the variety of music that is out there connected to video games which I first got acquainted with through the Legend of Zelda material.

    terry-waltz on #155595

    I arrange. It shouldn’t be much of a problem to produce a simplified version of a difficulty approximately the same as, say, Sylvia Woods’ Christmas book, that kind of thing. It depends on the complexity of the original music as well — some things are just too chromatic to work well on lever harp.

    Right now is a really bad time, though, with school starting, and will be for awhile. :-(

    The other problem is copyright. If you are arranging music for sale, you need to have either the copyright or the permission of the copyright owner to do that. I assume that videogame music is still under copyright, so maybe the best option would be to explore some of the “similar” pieces suggested by other posters, or else to try to contact the videogame company to see if you can get permission to make harp arrangements. (That would probably be a first for them! :-) )

    Tacye on #155596

    You might want to talk to Becky Applin as she is a (pedal) harpist composer in your part of the world (or at least was).

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