Pavane et Bransles by Francisque question

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    lisa-fenwick on #151498

    Help. Does anyone know this piece? It is in the Grandjany Music for the Harp Collection.

    Misty Harrison on #151499

    I play the two harmonics in the left hand and the b in the right hand. On parts where the right and left need to play harmonics but the left also plays a non-harmonic note I play it as written, just try to work your elft hand so that you can play a harmonic and a nonharmonic at the same time. That’s pretty standard but the first one you mentioned just play both harmonics in the left hand and the b below them in the right.

    Tacye on #151500

    Unlike Misty I play it as written- harmonic in the RH and stick the RH 4th out to play the B.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151501

    I haven’t seen it recently, but if you contort your hand, it is possible, as Grandjany must have done it. I always found playing harmonics and regular notes in the same hand to hurt, so I just don’t play those pieces. Only, I used to use this a lot for restaurant gigs. If the regular note is below, you stick out your fourth finger to kind of hook it. It doesn’t lend itself to good harmonics, though. If you can play the harmonics and reach your second finger out over the 3 and 4, try it that way.

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