Park Stickney – Debussy Dances

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    anna-jalkeus on #189800

    Hey! Does anyone know where I might be able to find the sheet music for Park Stickney’s arrangement of the Debussy Dances?
    Any tip would be greatly appreciated!

    MusikFind1 on #189809

    Contact In New York:
    Park Stickney / Overdressed Late Guy Productions
    464 44th St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11220 USA
    Phone (917) 855-9835

    In Europe:
    Park Stickney
    5, Chemin du Paquis
    CH-1412 Valeyres-sous-Ursins Switzerland
    Phone/Fax +41 24 435 1015
    Cellphone +41 79 699 4566

    [From August 25-29, 2015 — Masterclass “Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale” with Gabriella Dall’Olio
    Saluzzo, Italy]. Wait until Sept to send a request.

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