Paraguayan harp

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    Anne Domenech on #157600

    Is this harpcolumn only for classical harp ?

    Sylvia Clark on #157601

    It’s for any kind of harp.

    tony-morosco on #157602

    No, this definitely is not only for classical harp. It’s for harps in general and we have folks here who play pretty much every kind of harp you can imagine. And some of us play more than one kind ourselves.

    william-weber on #157603

    In another thread you asked about where ot find a Paraguayan harp. This link, obtained from Harp Mall, is still good:

    Good luck

    Anne Domenech on #157604

    Thank you Sylvia…it feels good to be part of this forum.

    Anne Domenech on #157605

    Thank you Tony and William,
    I appreciate your feedback and do you have, by any chance, the knowledge of anyone who can recommend any information on the Paraguayan harps?
    Thank you again

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