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    Brittany Huynh on #166779

    Hi my name is Christie, and I’d like to know the difference between a
    paraguay harp(36strings) and a regular Celtic Harp(36 strings). Are
    there certain book types for how to learn to play the Paraguay harp,
    or can you learn with the same books for celtic harps? Are they very
    different? such as, do they get strung differently? im just curiuos,
    and I dont know if I should buy a paraguay harp if I don’t know if
    there’s any books out there to learn. If There are, can you please
    tell me? Thank you !!! 🙂

    Evangeline Williams on #166780

    From what I know about Paraguayan harps is they have guitar-style tuners on each note.

    patricia-jaeger on #166781

    Hi Christie, Yes, there is a good book

    angelica-vianna on #166782

    Paraguayan harp is totaly different. The G strings are black. All strings are very close to each other and you play with fingernails.The realy bad thing about this harp is that there is no pedals or levers. So you are stuck with only one key. I?ve seen some paraguayan harps with levers addaped, but originaly the instrument does not carry any levers.

    unknown-user on #166783

    An, excellent source to buy a good and inexpensive paraguayan harp

    unknown-user on #166784

    Hello Christie,

    I personally know Alfredo Rolando Ortiz and play a Paraguayan Harp.
    He would be an excellent contact for you to find out more about the instrument. his web page is http://www.alfredo-rolando-ortiz.com.
    Good luck and enjoy the music.

    unknown-user on #166785


    unknown-user on #166786

    VISITE http://www.mangore.com.py


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