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    Sylvia on #60306

    Anyone played this? I’m wondering how other people play the Bird Song triplets. (9 notes on one beat) … 1. One hand,
    2. alternating two hands, 3. two hands with R12 L2?
    I’ve been playing it with all R hand, and I started wondering if the composer had in mind two hands because there’s nothing in the other hand. …there’s plenty to think about at that tempo as far as pedals, etc., so it’s not like being unoccupied.

    rosalind-beck on #60307

    Sylvia, as I recall, I played the Bird Song with the following pattern in each measure: left triplet, right triplet, right triplet. It worked pretty well for me almost all the way through. Give it a try. I’d be interested to know what you think.

    Sylvia on #60308

    I played it only in R hand. We just did the opera last weekend.

    I practiced the BS (Bird Song) forever with short long short…long short long….fast slow fast, etc.
    I practiced with the Philadelphia Orch and Pavarati CD (around 60), but ours may have been faster. I KNOW the other section of it was faster…the one that comes in after that middle stuff.

    The only way I could keep up (and not super cleanly) was by greasing. Carmex works really great on fingers …yeah, I know it says for cold sores…but look at the price, $1, and look at the ingredients…great stuff. It starts out pretty greasy, but the greasiness kind of goes away fast. So I greased up before that section and slid on thru.

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