Pachelbel's canon – played by my son

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    avdhoeven on #196869

    This is the latest piece I’m working on with Davy (8) to play together. This is a recording of him playing solo, while we are also working on a duo where I play together with him on the flute. It’s really great to be able to play together on such a nice piece of music.

    I’m really happy he’s enjoying his harp so much…

    Sylvia on #196881

    Nice he loves the harp.  Maybe you could get him a teacher so he could learn fundamental technique (how to place fingers on strings, open and close the hand while playing, etc.).  Or if there is no teacher near you, there are various Youtube videos and books.  Also, some harp teachers teach via Skype.  I think there are some on the forum.  You could ask if someone is available.

    avdhoeven on #196882

    He has a good teacher fortunately and they are working on this 🙂 He is doing his chords and scales a lot now, and fingering technique is under attention. He’s a bit stubborn sometimes 🙂 Of course he’s just 8 years old, so it’ll take some time to get this all perfectly. Thanks for the advice!

    Gretchen Cover on #196883

    Your son looks taller than in the last video.  Along with lessons, make sure he can play just for fun and the happiness of making music with his family.

    avdhoeven on #196884

    He’s growing fast indeed… We enjoy it a lot. I even went to take lessons again after he started, so it’s great 🙂

    Andelin on #196908

    Is it just me, or has his technique improved some since the last video you posted?  To me it looks like his hand position is better than it was a few months ago.  🙂

    As a mom of an 8 year old who plays an instrument, I say bravo!  He is amazing for his age.  It’s a lot of work, being the “practice parent” but so worth it.  :). Your son is doing well.  He has a very good sense of rhythm and timing.  Thanks for sharing this video!

    avdhoeven on #196910

    Thanks, I surely think he is improving his techniques 🙂

    I’m every time again surprised about what he’s able to do with the harp. I play myself the flute for 20 years now and really can play quite a bit, but how he is able to make this music his own and really not the easiest pieces (he just started with the Handel concert now, because he wanted that…) astonishes me every time. It’s great to see, but I also realize I won’t be able to follow up with his level if he goes on like this. I’m a teacher from profession, so I just enjoy this 🙂 We’ll see where he comes. The most important thing is that he enjoys what he’s doing.

    balfour-knight on #197028

    Well, it has been some time since I have been online–the Fall wedding season is about to wear me out, ha, ha!  I am beginning to think that I am THE wedding harpist for western North Carolina 🙂

    Thanks for posting the video of Davy and allowing us to see and hear his progress.  I have been playing professionally (for pay) since I was his age, eight.  Too bad there are no videos of me at that age–I am almost 62, so that has been a LONG TIME ago, ha, ha!  I was featured on a TV show at that age, but the footage was lost by the time my parents got wise to the fact that we should have a copy for posterity!  Thank goodness you can record Davy so that you will always have that if he grows up to become a famous harpist, you know!

    Tell Davy to pay close attention to what his teacher tells him, and his technique will flourish.  I have always been a bit “stubborn” also, just ask my sweet wife, ha, ha!

    Wishing you all the best,


    avdhoeven on #197029

    Thanks! That’s great to hear 🙂 Today he took his own harp to the lesson and played together with the teacher the Canon with two harps. It was such an enjoyment to see that he was really playing together and listening to what his teacher was doing… I really hope we can keep stimulating him to keep doing this, because I think this is really ‘his’ thing so to say…

    avdhoeven on #197541

    He’s fully into Pachelbel 🙂 Now he’s also playing the sarabande. I really like the sound of this harp and also the way he puts feeling into his music. I play for 20 years the flute myself, but sometimes I’m ‘jealous’ and wished I had this at this age 🙂


    Gretchen Cover on #197548

    Davy’s motor skills have really improved in a short time.  He seems relaxed with his harp. The harp has a beautiful sound.

    balfour-knight on #197553

    I agree with Gretchen!  Thanks for posting this latest video.  We can enjoy keeping up with Davy’s progress!

    Best to you all,


    avdhoeven on #197560

    Thanks! We just sent a movie to a Dutch music competition for children from 4-12 years. I’m really curious how far he will come. He get’s more and more serious in playing and practicing and is working hard on the Handel Concert now, which he seems to be able to get in his fingers quite well… It’s a delight to see a child being able to enjoy music so much…

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