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    mr-s on #150693

    Hello friends,i went to a physio therapist for doing a relaxing massage for my back neck and hands,he did ask me why you over used your fingers to much,as i am doing my hotel gig every day for three hours and half and at home practicing for 3 hours too, so how often do you stop play the harp at all , i mean having a rest ,i am following the right rules of my school in hand and body position but any way the fingers joints and muscles will get tired.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150694

    Yes, they will. Six hours is too much when three of them are performing. You need to stretch. Do you take breaks every hour while on the job? Sometimes you need to adjust your position or posture to give your body a break. I found that I need to sit on my bench in front of a door, and reach behind me to hold the doorknobs in order to stretch my shoulders. Rules, schmules, it’s how it feels. You need to feel completely effortless and relaxed while playing.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150695

    So many people strain their bodies by sudden changes in how much they play. If you suddenly added three extra hours to your playing time, it is no wonder your body would react badly to it. Adding playing time must be done in small increments, no more than 15 minutes per week. And when you are performing every day, you must take at least one day a week and not play at all. I would recommend that you concentrate on doing exercises at your home practice, and whatever will facilitate playing the pieces you do at work. I would learn one new piece at a time, working slowly on it. I would have a massage every week, and do stretching

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