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    Jerusha Amado on #147413

    What musicians (other than harpists) have influenced your style of playing?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147414

    Most recently, Wanda Landowska had a profound effect on me (rhythmic expression, touch, style, verve), previously, Alicia de Larrocha (style, perfection, repertoire), Victoria de los Angeles (color, expression, beauty), Artur Rubinstein (power, heart, control, mastery, drama, perfection, presence), Yehudi Menuhin (spirituality).

    kay-lister on #147415

    I would have to say Artur Rubinstein as well.

    Jerusha Amado on #147416

    Saul and Kay,

    Your responses are wonderful!

    jessica-wolff on #147417

    Julian Bream.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147418

    He was (is) an excellent recitalist. I also saw Narciso Yepes as a substitute for Segovia and he was wonderful. In those days, solo recitals were the BOMB.

    eliza-morrison on #147419

    Pianist Martha Argerich, for her wonderful combination of crystalline clarity with soulful passion.

    adam-b-harris on #147420

    This will probably sound a bit low brow, but Elton John. I play a lot of pop type stuff live and the arpeggiated rhythm fills that he used to use on many of his earlier records seem to transfer to harp well.

    eliza-morrison on #147421

    I agree, Adam! His early stuff was lovely…and I remember he used a harp in his ever-popular “Your Song” to good effect.

    sherry-lenox on #147422

    I had wonderful instruction in both high school and college. My band director, who passed away recently, was fastidious and ultra demanding.

    Many of my college teachers taught at both Julliard and my college, so I took several courses with Arthur Christmann and Jack Sacher, voice lessons with Benjamin Wilkes, who could make a crow sing bel canto, and Dorothy Morse.

    I have not had a musical experience since, until beginning harp lessons, that could compare to the lessons of those wonderful people.

    adam-b-harris on #147423

    Eliza for great use of harp off an early EJ song, check out “Come Down in Time” from the album “Tumbleweed Connection”. Great use of small ensemble and first time I recall hearing a harp used in pop music (granted, harp has been used lots of times before that, its just the first time I had heard and noticed it and thought that it sounded cool).

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