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    Mel Sandberg

    I often find myself that when my students must play an exam, even from Grade 1, right up to Grade 8 or higher level, there are usually 4 pieces, one from each list, typical as in Trinity College and ABRSM syllabuses.


    If one will be able to play all the selections, then certainly finish with the most polished one.

    I wonder, as I must, what would happen if teachers in Britain didn’t use any ABRSM material at all and freely chose repertoire on their own. Would there students be unable to be admitted to school, however good?

    I ask, because in the U.S., we have no required repertoire except for competitions or auditions, so we have complete freedom to choose repertoire.

    Mel Sandberg

    I just remembered something that one of my former university lecturers said at a local piano congress…….. He made a comment – in reference to the very early grade examinations, where there are lots of minuets and little pieces in the lists, and frequently many in the same key.

    Seoid OC

    Maybe it depends on the student?

    I’m not a teacher or examiner so I can only speak from my own experiences of taking exams, not the impression it would give to the examiner.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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