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    dear harpist,
    first of all sorry for english mistakes!!! 🙂 This year I have to play with a soprano and I’m looking for parts from operas but I don’t found important or interesting music. I’m looking for medium or advanced level music because they are for an exam and I prefer if they are rich in music and notes and they are expressive and beautiful also for the harpist!
    many thanks 😉


    I think O Mio Babbino Caro by Puccini would be nice.


    Song to the Moon by Dvorak is lovely. I have made an arrangement for solo harp and soprano (or flute, or violin). I have attempted to attach the PDF here, but it didn’t work. I could email it to you.


    Oh, it did work after all! On Firefox, the attached file does not show up, but it does work on Google Chrome.


    Summertime by Gershwin would be lovely. You could use a piano part and edit it to make it work for the harp.

    Gretchen Cover


    You are very generous to post your arrangement. I was looking for a piece to play with a singer, too.

    And thank you, David Ice, for making your arrangements available.

    PS. Louis Trotter has a good version of Summertime for pedal/lever harp that could be adapted to harp/voice.


    Greta, “Hymne A Sainte Cecile, Meditation Religieuse”, by Charles Gounod is out of print but I have an old, yellowed edition for Violin published with accompaniment by harp (or piano.) I played it in church as the Prelude, 2 weeks ago. On the elaborately decorated cover (Leduc, Paris, publisher) is listed all the editions that were available and apparently there were 15, from quartet to Orchestre Seul. The voice edition is listed thus:” CHANT, paroles francaises et paroles latines (Ave verum), Mez,, Sop. ou Tenor, Violon ou Violoncelle, Orgue, Harpe ou Piano (et. C.- Basse ad lib.” It is a beautiful melody, in A major in my sheet music edition, but in my copy of “A Method For The Harp” by Kajetan A. Attl, (pub. 1924 by Carl Fischer, New York) on pp.234 and following, it is published for violin and harp in E flat major.The only You Tube performance I found is by solo pianist Leslie Howard of Australia playing a Liszt arrangement of the piece,but so much embellished that the melody is hard to find.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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