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    unknown-user on #166113

    Hello All,
    I’d like to ask for the names/composers/arrangers of orchestra pieces
    at the level for a talented High School Orchestra (Juniors and
    Seniors) that include harp parts that aren’t terribly hard.

    unknown-user on #166114

    I play harp in my school orchestra.

    unknown-user on #166115

    Since you played Tchaikowsky, Johann Strauss got many beautiful waltz and many harp solo with other instruments. Not too hard to play for any school orchestra. Show pieces from movies, Broadway musical are good choices too. “Manon Lescaut” intermezzo is like the Intermezzo from Cavaliar Rusticana by Mascagni. Have fun.

    Ruth Mar on #166116

    Faure’s Pelleas and Mellesande (sp?) is fun and pretty, and so is Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, although both require great flutists/oboists (for the Debussy)!

    unknown-user on #166117

    The Sinfonia Piccola by Heikki Suolahti has a good harp part in the second movement.

    unknown-user on #166118

    In the last teachers forum from AHS, it had a list of harp parts for school orchestras, also “Nordic” by Howard Hanson (2nd Movement, Symphony 1) is a good part. Hope you find one!

    unknown-user on #166119

    In my Youth Symphony I played Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld. There wern’t a lot of harp parts in it, but what was there was fun (and challenging) to play.

    M D on #166120

    Just a few suggestions:

    unknown-user on #166121

    Another Vaughn-Williams piece you might want to try is The Wasps.

    unknown-user on #166122

    Some of the lesser known orhestra pieces i`ve played in are “Colonial Song” by Percy Grainger and “Four Scottish Dances” by Malcolm Arnold. Neither are particularly challenging.

    unknown-user on #166123

    personally, in enjoy movement 1 and 2 of the handel harp concerto. I play the Salzedo version. best of luck!

    unknown-user on #166124

    Hello Katie!
    Try “American Salute” by Morton Gould or “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky.
    Everything else that I’d suggest has already been suggested. They are great… take my word for it. I am in the same boat you are, and I’ve played a good portion of them. If you want any advice or an email harp pen pal… email me at suz_ician@yahoo.com

    Molly Jones on #166125

    Well I did Walts of the Flowers Harp solo and the Huapango Harp Solo last year. They were both fun and not too difficult!! 🙂 But I just performed Mahler’s Adagietto a few days ago and that is extremely difficult….lol it took forever to learn

    patricia-jaeger on #166126

    Katie, if you and your teacher have “used up most of the standards” of high school level harp parts in orchestra music, be sure you also look at lists that American Harp Society Project 2000 put together for just that purpose. GO TO: http://www.harpsociety.org/resources/education2000.html. There are periodic updates. Here is the phone number: (203) 966 7616. The site lists published music for string ensembles, orchestral works, and selections for band or choir (Grades 1 through 12) that include harp parts; includes publisher information, orchestration,and level for both the ensemble and the harp part.

    barbara kraichy on #166127

    Katie, it is great to know what pieces have harp parts, but your choices can widen if you work from a piano reduction of any of the pieces your conductor wants to do. As another reply suggested, you can get someone to create a harp part, but you can do it yourself just by figuring out how to adapt a piano part. That

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