Opinions wanted: a unique harp video

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    eva-murphy on #151814


    A local music videographer friend of mine knew that I was about to move to another state, so before I left town, he hurriedly offered to try an experiment with making a harp video in a standard music-video style, but with a romantic, creative twist to it. I was amazed with what he created here and I wanted to share it with you. The video guy created a sort of a fantasy, using a harp! He has given me free reign to use it however I please.

    eva-murphy on #151815

    Sorry harp friends!! I accidentally posted the URL for the video of the adorable harp-crazed cat!!

    David Ice on #151816

    Hi Eva,

    Speaking as both a harpist and a professional filmmaker, I think your friend did a superb job.

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