Opinions on a Chicago Petite 40 (natural finish)

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    stardust117 on #234597

    Hi everyone,

    I’m a lever harpist who is planning to buy a Chicago Petite 40 natural. Would you think this harp would be good for me long term? I plan to be a harp soloist who plays at weddings and funerals (but not in an orchestra which requires the bigger pedal harps). So, for anyone who has heard this harp before, what do you think of the sound?

    Second of all, my harp instructor’s concern about this harp is that the pedals on this petite harp are squished together and harder to manuever. Have any of you encountered this problem? My last question is, what do you think of buying a new version of this harp? My instructor doesn’t recommend that I buy a newly made one due to the sound quality, however, it appears Lyon & Healy only has new Chicago Petite 40 naturals available.

    I’d like any of your opinions

    Thank you for your time,


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    balfour-knight on #234721

    Hi, Louie,

    I would recommend the 85P over any of the Chicago series if I were buying a 40-string pedal harp. I think L&H are still producing the 85’s, and I have never been impressed by the Chicago series. An additional one to consider is the Salvi Daphne 40. Many of my friends have these for gigging and really love them. My personal choice would be the 44-string Camac Clio, as I have a gorgeous 47-string Atlantide Prestige concert grand. You could not go wrong on the Camacs, in my professional opinion, but some harpists MUST have a L&H, of course!

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes to you,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    andy-b on #234936

    I second Balfour on all of that; I much prefer the 85P over the Chicago 40. Unfortunately, Lyon & Healy doesn’t make the 85P model anymore; but you can find them used fairly regularly. Check with the Atlanta Harp Center and the Virginia Harp Center – they’re incredible people to work with! The Daphne 40 is also good, and I myself have a Clio 44 with extended soundboard as my smaller harp – and it’s a great harp!


    balfour-knight on #234943

    Thanks, Andy-b!

    Gretchen Cover on #234949

    I played one a few months ago. Sound was dreadful even with new strings. For the money, I would go with a bigger lever harp. Try one before you buy.

    stardust117 on #234956

    Balfour, Andy, and Gretchen, thanks for your opinions on this harp so far. That really helps. How sad, the Chicago Petite 40 looked so cool. But I will take sound over looks. Your suggestions have helped me look more into the Daphne 40 or Camac Clio. Recently, I’ve tried a Daphne 40 in a harp store and it sounds pretty good!

    Thanks for your opinons guys.

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